A Program of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center
A Program of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center

Community Impact

Outreach Fort Collins works hard to maintain downtown as a vibrant and thriving destination to live, dine, work, and visit. OFC is unique in that we treat every member of our community as a stakeholder. We respond to the needs of our community, engage with our community members, and connect them with support to address their needs and concerns. In the last three years, OFC has made a visible impact on our community (statistics updated quarterly):


Total service calls



Calls for safety concerns


Calls for emergency medical services


Reduction in disruptive behaviors



Total police contacts



Calls requesting police assistance

Engagement Breakdown


Homeless - 51%

Merchant - 25%

Service provider - 11%

Police - 6%

Other - 6%

EMS - 1%


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Merchant Call Sheet

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